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Spring 2024

Lots of exciting updates from the Spring semester! Congrats & Cheers to:

  • Lucky on his Master's defense- onwards to comps exam prep!

  • Victoria on her wedding on a palindromic day: 42024 or 4202024

  • Cheers to Christian on his grad school interviews:  MSSM in NYC!

  • Yay for Leo's acceptance into the summer ENDURE 2024 program


Hooray for internal $ and papers that are out, in revision, or slated for summer submission!

  • $- MSU Faculty Initiative Fund on social buffering and SUDs

  • $- MSU Tetrad Grant with Drs. Daniel Vogt and Marcia Gordan

  • Arguello et al 2024. Cocaine reward and reinstatement in adolescent versus adult rodents. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience     

  • Orsini et al, 2024. Understanding relapse of reward-seeking and -taking behaviors.      Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience

  • Pereira Sanabria et al. Analysis of operant self-administration behavior with DeepLabCut. eNeuro, in revision

  • Braman et al. Age- and sex-dependent circuit differences in inputs to basolateral amygdala and dorsal hippocampus in rats, in prep.

  • Voutour et al. Impact of cocaine expousre on adolescent social behavior, in prep

Welcome to our newest lab members:

        Manbir Singh: undergrad researcher

        Ayverie Evangelista: undergrad researcher

        Metairie Muldoon: undergrad researcher

Fall 2023

The semester is in full swing and leaves are starting to fall- time for pumpkins and halloween...and winter jackets.

  • Had a yummy farewell lunch for Chris Reeves at Lansing Shuffle- see Fall 2023 photos.

  • First semester teaching in person- this is very exciting and healthy- getting my steps in from Snyder Hall to ISTB.

Spring & Summer 2023

Overall, we're back to semester updates- and getting closer to pre-pandemic routines!

  • Thank you to our "Why I Love Science and How I Got Here" virtual seminar guests:

        Previous lab alumni: Mansi Verma and Doris Olekanma

        Drs. Annie Arguello and Sierra Stringfield

  • Wonderful trip to the EBPS 2023 conference in Mannheim, Germany and participating and listening to talks at the Incubation Symposia.

  • Yay- the adolescent memory reconsolidation paper was accepted to Scientific Reports, Models of Addiction special issue!

  • Hooray Doris! Great way to start the year with the adolescent incubation manuscript was accepted to NLM and made the front cover!

  • Congrats Shambhvi and Leo on their UURAF poster presentations- see Summer 2023 Lab Photos and to Leo on the best poster award from his work in the Klump Lab.

  • Welcome to our newest lab members:

        Victoria Braman (post-grad researcher)​

        Leo Pereira Sanabria (undergrad and Summer 2023 ENDURE student)

        Jasnoor Kaur (undergrad researcher)

  • Congrats to Lucky on a wonderful 1st year presentation- Master's Defense 2023 here we come!

  • Despite the unexpected events on campus this Feb, the messages and reaching out and response from the community were something to take solace in. See Lab Photos for the Behavioral Neuroscience message board.

The Years of 2021-2022

  • It felt like 2020 lasted forever. See:  "Is it still 2020?" under Fall 2020........ and now we're          at the end of 2022!! What have we been up to?!

  • Welcome to our newest lab members: 

    • Luciano Voutour (BNS graduate student)

    • Christian Valade (post-grad researcher)

    • Shambhvi Ojha (undergrad researcher)

  • Congrats to Doris on submitting the adolescent incubation paper to NLM! And congrats on her new position as a grad student at Penn State University! 

  • Excellent talks, fun poster presentations, kayaking, family ice cream and first in-person conference at GRC Neurobiology of Addiction (Maine). 

  • Congrats to Shambhvi for receipt of a research fellowship to conduct research over the summer!

  • Yay André for defending his Master's... see picture of wonderful celebratory cake.

  • Had a wonderful time chatting with students and giving two virtual talks for UTSW Neuroscience Diversity Ambassador Seminar Series and Konkuk University Neuroscience Seminar Series.

  • Yay Aneesh- he started his graduate work at John Hopkin's University- one of the original and last crew of undergrads from Summer 2017!

  • Congrats to Boram on her new post-doc position at Yale University! We will miss having her in the lab and hope to reunite at future conferences.

Fall 2020

  • Is it still 2020? There's only one more month left! What more could happen this year?

    • A. zombie-pocalypse​

    • B. no snowfall in Michigan

    • C. toilet paper growing from trees

  • Congrats to André for presenting his research at this year's AGEP virtual student success conference. He also won 3rd place for Best Oral Presentation and was the winner of the Graduate Student/Post-Doc People Choice Award. 

  • Good work Aneesh on submitting both his NSF fellowship and graduate student applications! 

  • It's been a very unpredictable semester- but high-five for the most consistent rounds of adolescent jugular catheterization surgeries ever- Yay Boram, André and Doris.

Summer 2020

  • Despite quarantine conditions and social distancing, we have started the summer off with some exciting news:

  • Congrats Aneesh Bal on acceptance of the SimpylCellCounter manuscript in Scientific Reports!

  • Congrats Boram and Jennifer on acceptance of the Adolescent manuscript in Psychopharmacology! 

  • Congrats to Pear Limpanich, who received a Larry Fowler Summer 2020 Research Fellowship and will join us as an undergraduate researcher!

  • Hello to our newest lab member- Violetta Luna Arguello Maureira- born on May 5!

  • Welcome to Cristina Rivera Quiles, who will be joining the lab as a Neuroscience Program Graduate virtual rotation student this Summer.

Spring 2020 continued...

  • From our last update, we had successfully moved into ISTB and thought we had finished the largest event of the semester. We never could have imagined what the 2nd half of the Spring semester held for us... Nevertheless, we made it through the semester, got behavior and benchwork up and running, finished our largest experimental cohort and have become experts in Zoom meetings!

  • Congrats to our Ducklings: Ana Silvafarias, Chris Davlantes, Abby Schuch and Isabella Ouellette on their graduation! 

Fall 2019/ Spring 2020!

  • Happy New Year 2020! Starting off the new year in a new building. Check out our new gig and setup photos....and our free LiCor-sponsored pizza party. Welcome to our new undergraduate researchers- Ana Silvafarias, Chris Davlantes, Isabella Ouellette, Chris Reeves and Abby Schuch. 

  • Yay for Doris on her graduation this Fall 2020- Doris Olekanma, B.S!

  • Good job lab crew during presentations at this year's SfN conference in Chicago and on our successful wetlab move to ISTB.

  • Congrats to Aneesh Bal on acceptance into a 1-yr research fellowship in the Tye Lab at the Salk Institute.


  • Congrats to Jennifer Gerena on her successful Master's Defense.

  • Welcome to André Herrera, our newest Behavioral Neuroscience Grad student and to     Josué Franco, an MSU PREP rotation student.

  • Lots of prep for the upcoming move to the new Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building.


Summer 2019!

  • May: The Spring 2019 semester has finished! Congrats to Shangari Varatharajan and Mansi Verma-two of the original undergrad crew- on their graduations!

  • June: Welcome to our new summer lab members: Nataleigh Austin, summer SROP fellow and to our two high school research volunteers: Aiswaryna Saravanan and Eric Yun.


  • Yay, we reached a milestone of submitting our first R01 revision. Fingers crossed for some

        good news in October.

  • Congrats to Doris on receiving a College of Natural Science Undergraduate Research

        Support Scholarship for Spring 2019.

  • Good luck to Aneesh during his Summer Research Fellowship at the NIH!

Fall 2018/Spring 2019!

  • April: Congrats to all the undergrads who presented at this year's UURAF forum- see lab photos for pictures!

  • March: Good job Jennifer for giving an excellent presentation at the monthly motivated behaviors works in progress.

        Congrats lab for our first 100% "made in MSU" manuscript accepted into Behavioral


  • January: There's so much snow here and MSU cancelled class due to the Polar Vortex!

        Congratulations to Aneesh Bal for receiving a College of Natural Science Undergraduate

        Research Support Scholarship for Spring 2019.

  • Welcome and Congrats to André Herrera for receipt of a MSU University Enrichment Fellowship. He will be joining the Behavioral Neuroscience Program this year.

  • Boram Cho will be joining the lab in April 2019 as a postdoctoral fellow. Boram received her PhD from Yonsei University and her B.S. in Physiology from MSU-welcome back.

  • Congrats to Jennifer for completing her 2nd year committee meeting last Fall and presenting her first poster at SfN.

  • Yay for Arguello acceptance into the Early Career Reviewer Program.

Summer 2018!

  • Welcome to the newest members of the lab: Doris Olekanma, our new lab researcher, Isabella Salinas and Andre Herrera, our SROP summer students. Also hello again to our "old crew" of undergraduates: Rachel, Aneesh and Shangari.

  • Congrats to Mansi for receiving a Dean's Assistantship Award to conduct research during her upcoming Senior 2018-2019 year!

  • Safe travels to Rachel during her MSU summer study abroad program.

  • Congrats to Shangari on her acceptance into the University of Toledo MedStart Program!

Spring 2018 Update

​It's already Summer-Time! Here are some highlights from the Spring Semester:

  • Congrats to Jennifer on her successful 1st year of grad school and receipt of 1st prize for her MSU SACNAS presentation! She received funds to attend this year's National SACNAS conference (in San Antonio Texas, ye-haw). 

  • Well done to all the undergrads-Shangari, Mansi, Rachel, Aneesh and Anu- for presenting at this year's University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF).

  • Arguello: Acceptance into NINDS and NIDA Grant Mentorship Programs

  • Welcome to Isabella Salinas and Andre Herrera, who will be joining us as Summer SROP Fellows.

More pictures to come from this year's Michigan SfN Symposium...

Fall 2017 Update

  • Hooray, just had our first Fall lab meeting! Welcome back to the undergrad researchers: Aneesh Bal, Rachel Butler, Shangari Varatharajan and Mansi Verma.

  • Introducing our newest lab members: Amber Garrison, Neuroscience Program Rotation Graduate Student and Jennifer Gerena, Behavioral Neuroscience Graduate Student. Both Amber and Jennifer have received Academic Achievement Graduate Assistantship Awards-Congrats!

The semester is just starting, so more updates to come!!

Spring and Summer 2017 Update

Woah, that Spring semester went by fast!

Some updates and Congrats to:

  • David Lozano on his graduation and acceptance into the University of Michigan PREP scholar program

  • Mansi Verma on her receipt of a Summer 2017 College of Social Science PURI award and participation in the study abroad for Medical Ethics and Health Policy in London

  • Rachel Butler on her receipt of a Professorial Assistantship for the Fall 2017 semester

  • Aneesh Bal on his summer internship at the Wexner Medical Center

  • Acceptance of  "Role of the agranular insular cortex in contextual control over cocaine-seeking behavior in rats" in Psychopharmacology

  • Receipt of a Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority (CSURM) Fellowship to attend the 2017 Neurobiology of Drug Addiction Gordon Research Conference in Hong Kong...yay!

  • Welcome to Jennifer Gerena, who will be starting as a graduate student in the lab this Fall 2017. And also congrats on her receipt of an Academic Achievement Graduate Assistantship (AAGA) Award!

Sept. 26, 2016

The 1st official lab meeting- Welcome to all of our new undergraduate volunteers! 

Collin Brooks, Shangari Varatharajan, David Lozano, Rachel Butler and Victoria Badia

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