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Amy Arguello, Assistant Professor

Amy received her B.S. from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio and was introduced to research through the Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program. She completed her graduate training at UTSW Medical Center at Dallas under the guidance of Dr. Amelia Eisch and

postdoctoral training with Dr. Rita Fuchs Lokensgard at Washington State University. 

Interesting fact: Amy's favorite jelly-belly bean flavor is popcorn.

                 GRADUATE Students

Luciano Voutour
Lucky joined the lab in Fall 2022, as a grad student in the BNS Program. He received his B.A. in Applied Psychology and M.A. in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience from San Diego State university (2022) studying the effects of moderate ethanol and omega-rich diet on cardiovascular and liver function.   Interesting fact: Lucky has a playlist with over 200 hrs of his favorite songs.

UNDERGRAD & Post-GRAD Students

Victoria Braman 
Victoria graduated with Honors from MSU in Spring 2023 with B.S. in Neuroscience
Briggs), joined the lab in Sum 2023 and aims to pursue graduate studies. 
Interesting fact: Victoria drinks almost two gallons of chocolate milk a week.

Leo Pereira Sanabria
Leo joined the lab in Spring 2023 of his sophomore year (Lyman Briggs). Currently he is majoring in  Neuroscience and Psychology and is a summer 2023 & 2024 ENDURE research fellow.                Interesting fact: Leo recently began violin lessons with the hopes of joining the orchestra.


Christian Valade
Christian graduated with Honors from MSU in Spring 2022 with B.S. in Neuroscience and Psychology. Christian joined the lab in Summer 2022 and aims to pursue graduate studies. 
Interesting fact: Christian is a Spider-Man fanatic and enjoys reading comic books.

Manbir Singh
Manbir joined the lab in Fall 2023 of his sophomore year and is currently majoring in Neuroscience.
Interesting fact: On Manbir's bucket list: Climb to the base camp of Mount Everest.

Ayverie Evangelista
Ayverie joined the lab in Fall 2023 of her sophomore year and is currently majoring in Human Biology on the pre-med track (Lymann Briggs). 
Interesting fact: Ayverie loves to sing, dance and play the guitar.


Chris Reeves

Chris received his B.S. in Neuroscience (with minors in Bioethics and Philosophy, Lyman Briggs) Chris was one of the Spr 2020 ducklings, and was a technician in the lab (2021-2023). 
Interesting fact: Chris shares the same birthday with Stephen Hawking.


Doris Olekanma

Doris graduated from MSU Fall 2019 with a B.S. in Neuroscience and Psychology. She received a CNS summer 2019 Scholarship and continued as a technician in the lab (2019-2022). She is currently a grad student at Penn State. Interesting fact: Doris can write text up-side down.

André Herrera
André received his M.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience (2019-2022). He was 2018 MSU SROP student and received an MSU University Enrichment Fellowship.  Interesting fact: André enjoys playing the guitar.

Boram Cho, PhD

Boram received her B.S. in Physiology (MSU) and PhD in Neuroscience (Yonsei University).  She was a postdoc in the lab from 2019-21 and is current a post-doc in Dr. Jane Taylor's lab.
Interesting fact: Boram's B.S. is from MSU and when writing has her favorite song on repeat.

Aneesh Bal

Aneesh was an undergrad researcher from 2017-2020,  majoring in Neuroscience. Aneesh received a CNS Scholarship for Spring 2019 and is currently a grad student at John's Hopkins.

Interesting fact: Aneesh was born in India and sometimes plays piano.

Jennifer Gerena

Jennifer received her M.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience through the Psychology Dept. (2017-2019)

She received an Academic Achievement Graduate Assistantship Award through MSU. 

Jasnoor Kaur
Jasnoor joined the lab in Spr 2023 of her freshman year (Lyman Briggs) and is majoring in Neuroscience . Jasnoor received a Fall 2023 research fellowship.
Interesting fact: Jasnoor ran a 10K marathon in middle school.

Shambhvi Ojha
Shambhvi joined the lab in Spring of her freshman year (Lyman Briggs) and is majoring in Neuroscience & Human Biology . She received a Summer 2022 research fellowship. 
Interesting fact: Shambhvi's childhood dream job was to become an astronaut.


Cristina Rivera Quiles

Cristina received her B.S. in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico Cayey in 2020. She rotated during Summer 2020 and is currently a PhD. candidate in Dr. Mazei-Robison's lab. 

Interesting fact: Cristina obtained a Culinary Arts certificate.


Pear Limpanich
Pear was an undergrad researcher during Summer 2020-21. She received a  Larry D. Fowler Endowment Research Stipend for Summer 2020. 

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Ana Silvafarias

Ana was a volunteer during Spring 2020, majoring in Neuroscience  Interesting fact:
Ana studied internationally from Brazil.

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Chris Davlantes

Chris was an undergrad volunteer during Spring 2020, majoring in Neuroscience with a focus on dentistry. Interesting fact: Chris was born in Athens, Greece.


Isabella Ouellette
Isabella was a volunteer during Spring 2020, majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. Interesting fact: Isabella traveled throughout Europe during her summer abroad experience in Paris, France.


Abigail Schuch
Abby volunteered Spring 2020, double majoring in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. Interesting fact: Abby is on the executive board of MSU's Pre-Med Association.

Josué Franco

Josué received his B.S. from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago IL . He rotated through the lab as part of MSU 's Post-Bac Research Education Program (PREP) during  Fall 2019.

Aiswarya Saravanan

Aiswarya was a volunteer during her sophomore year at Plymouth High School, Summer 2019.


Eric Yun

Eric volunteered in the lab during his sophomore year at Okemos High School, Summer 2019. 


Nataleigh Austin

Nataleigh was a Summer 2019 SROP student during her junior year at Winston-Salem State University, majoring in Biology & Chemistry and minoring in Mathematics. 

Mansi Verma

Mansi was a undergraduate researcher from Spring 2017-2019. She received a PURI and Dean's Assistantship award, and graduated from MSU in Spring 2019, majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. 

Shangari Varatharajan

Shangari was an undergraduate researcher in the lab from Fall 2016-Spring 2019. She graduated from MSU in Spring of 2019 (Neuroscience-Cellular & Developmental focus) and will be attending  the Univ. of Toledo's Medical Program Fall 2019.

Anuoluwapo Kolawole

Anu was an MSU Honors Research Fellow from Fall 2017-Spring 2019, majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Sociology. 

André Herrera
André received his B.S. from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago IL and was a  Summer 2018 SROP student. André completed his Master's in Behavioral Neuroscience, Spr 2022.

Isabella Salinas
Isabella was a Summer 2018 SROP student. She completed her B.S. in Biology at St. Mary's University in San Antonio TX and was a MARC Fellow. Isabella completed her Master's from in Neuroscience from University of Oregon, Fall 2022.

Rachel Butler

Rachel was an MSU Honors Research Fellow from Fall 2016-Fall 2018, majoring in Packaging. She is also a member of the Honors College and the Spartan Marching Band.

Amber Garrison

Amber was a Neuroscience Program Graduate Rotation student during the Fall 2017 semester.  

She received her B. S. from Bradley University and is serving on the Graduate Student Council. Amber is currently a graduate student in the Mazei-Robison Lab.

David Lozano 

David graduated from MSU Spring 2017 and will be starting at the University of Michigan as a PREP scholar.

Collin Brooks

Collin is currently an Honors Research and Osteopathic Medical Scholar

This Could Be You...
We are recruiting highly motivated students to join our graduate programs in Fall 2023:
Psychology Dept. Behavioral Neuroscience, Neuroscience Graduate Program 

If interested, please send a resume and references to

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